Just Be

July 24, 2012

20120724-060717.jpg We live in such connected times. Our world of cell phones, iPads, e-mails, Twitter–the list goes on and on, but you get my point–has made those moments of just ‘nothing-ness’ so very rare. I think the point with so many of those things was to make our life easier? Depending on the day, and the time of day, my own answer to that can vary greatly. Yes, they all can be wonderful, but we all need ‘away’ and down time. For us, it is hard to beat a ferry ride to the island to get us pointed in that direction of nothingness. For time to just be. As we pulled onto the ferry boat on Saturday eve, we were the first car in one of the lines at the front of the boat. I always think of the Green Acres show song when this happens “with a penthouse view, darling” and we settled in for a perfect crossing to 2 days of relaxation and being unconnected on one level, and just being. What gets you to just be? I hope you are finding it often and enjoying each and every moment of it.