Wine Wednesday

July 25, 2012

20120725-062007.jpg One of the most frequently asked questions I get via e-mail about posts when I feature a table setting of a dinner we have hosted, is what did we serve as the meal and wine. This got me thinking about featuring some of the wines we enjoy. This is what prompted Wine Wednesday. Look for more posts about the wines we are enjoying and serving. My feeling with wine is that you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy a nice glass. Certainly expensive bottles are lovely to enjoy, but it is not what is generally consumed with a simple week day meal. My main emphasis will be on what I like to call ‘house wine’ where you can enjoy a glass with dinner, and the bottle will be fine in the fridge (if it is a white or rose’) for a few days awaiting the next meal. I saw a very funny quote the other day when I was perusing the web that said “A meal without wine is called breakfast” which make me chuckle. Now onto my choice of the day.

This Summer I have really been enjoying white wine, particularly CMS Sauvignon Blanc by Hedges. At $10 to $14 a bottle, it is great to serve at hosted dinners and picnics. There is a bright & lively taste to this wine, so it works nicely paired with fish or grilled chicken. It is also lovely just sipping a glass while you are reading, food not required. It is 85% Sauvignon, 10% Chardonnay and 5% Marsanne, and is an unoaked white wine. It is a Washington state wine, from the Columbia Valley, produced by the Hedges family. There you have it, my first entry to Wine Wednesday. I hope you are having a swell week in your part of the world.