Nora Ephron and Dominoes

July 26, 2012

20120726-062707.jpg All of us at Watson Kennedy were so sad to hear of the passing of Nora Ephron a few weeks ago. Over the last few years, she had become a customer of the shops, and we were always tickled to get a call from her assistant looking for a specific item. This is where the domino reference in the subject line comes in. Amazing vintage bone and ivory dominoes to be exact. “Nora is looking for a 6 and a 3,” would be the task at hand, and everyone working that day would begin the hunt through all the bowls we have set around. I knew I always liked Nora Ephron from her movies, but the fact that she had some connection to these beautiful objects, I knew I liked her even more. She will live on in her films, but we will all miss her, and for those calls putting us all into action, hunting for just that right domino for Nora.