A Blue and White Table

August 2, 2012

20120802-064725.jpg After my post yesterday, I received requests for a post about the blue and white table setting. This was my plan for today, so that worked perfectly. I find it is such a fresh color combo for an alfresco dining experience. Here is a look at the table and what went through my head when setting it–because you know I always have something in mind…

20120802-065312.jpg The English plates are fairly new for us, and I could not wait to use them. This would be the start of the table. I wanted to leave the zinc top exposed on the dining table, so I folded over a napkin with a fish motif, and made it into a placemat. The simplest, thinnest clear glass for wine and clear glass votive holders would keep the table nice and airy.

20120802-065640.jpg Striped napkins we found at the Brooklyn Flea Market on one of our visits would be fun with the plates. The first of the dahlias started showing up at the Market, and my weakness for white blooms prevailed over the more colorful options. A simple clear glass jar would be the vessel.


20120802-070032.jpg 2 bowls of shells and a smattering of our favorite shells on the table would give the beach theme I often like to use when we are dining on the deck on Vashon Island.

20120802-070245.jpg All set, and ready for a lovely meal and afternoon with friends.