The Beauty of a Handwritten Note

August 6, 2012

20120806-090516.jpg Very few things make me happier than receiving a handwritten note. In our world of e-mails and text messages, it has become rarer and rarer that folks send a note. I fall victim myself. I will send a quick e-mail in thanks for a swell dinner and evening we had with friends, then get too busy, and let that take the place of a note. Not good. Not good at all. For I know the joy of getting a note, so to, I know how much it means and the happiness it brings for a friend to open up the mailbox and see something other than junk mail. I send plenty of handwritten notes, but I want to send more. This post is a challenge to myself and to all of us–spread the joy, sit and write a quick note and make someone happy.

Here are a few quick tips that make it so much easier. Find a box that pleases you and turn it into a stationery box. Have it accessible so it is easy to reach for when you want to jot a quick note. Fill it with notecards you find on trips or cards that you see when you are out shopping. I find this the quickest, surest way to make note writing easier. Add your favorite pen to the box as well as stamps. When you are next at the post office, buy a few extra sheets of ‘forever’ stamps with different images on them, so you have them at the ready. If you still use an address book, have that in the box too. That is it! By having everything in one place, it makes writing a quick note so much easier and much more doable.

Now the note. I think what stops many folks is they think it needs to be lengthy. It does not. A few well-crafted sentences is all you need. Just make it personal and heartfelt. The mere fact that it is handwritten will make it so very special. Cheers to sending AND receiving many handwritten notes!!!