The Quickest & Easiest Guacamole

August 8, 2012

20120808-071511.jpg Summer means most to all week-ends at the beach, and often times that means guests on Sunday. It is a rhythm we so eagerly await, and slip so easily into. Because guests have ventured out to the island, which usually includes some sort of a journey, we always have a few snacks set out for when they arrive. That is where the guacamole comes in. I have been making it for years, and it is always the first thing to be polished off among a sea of other nibbles. It could not be easier, so I thought I would share my quick secret–fresh, chunky salsa. Here is how I make it.

Take 2 ripe avocados, slice in half, taking out the pit. Because it is ripe, it should fairly easily release from the skin, so take a spoon and scoop out and put into a good sized bowl. Liberally salt & pepper. Now take a few spoonfuls of the best, fresh salsa you can find at the grocery store and add it to the avocados. My favorite is made by the San Juan Salsa Co. It uses fresh tomatoes, onions, garlic, peppers, parsley and cilantro–all good stuff. Now take a knife and fork and slice and dice till all is incorporated, making sure to leave the avocado fairly chunky so you get big bits of it. Take a lime and squeeze over the mixture to add flavor and to stop the guacamole from turning brown. It could not be simpler. Serve with tortilla chips. I hope you like. I can easily eat an entire bowl of this myself, so I usually make a double batch. Enjoy!