Pretty, Pretty Parsley

August 11, 2012

20120811-070736.jpg The herbs in our zinc herb box are growing like weeds at this glorious part of August. We are using them in dishes every chance we can think of. But I also really love using them as a flower alternative. The parsley this year has been incredibly plentiful, and has grown quite tall. The stems would be perfect in a clear vintage beaker, next to a vintage glove mold on a small side table. The willowy greens adding just the right amount of life and color. If placed out of the sun, and with frequent water changes and a fresh cut, the arrangement can last for weeks.

I am sure many of you already know this, but I did not. I learned a gardening tip from our friend Sylvia, who owns along with Ross on Vashon Island. Cut your flowers and herbs in the early morning–they respond so much better that way to having been cut. I was cutting things in the mid-day sun, and the flowers & herbs were not responding as well when I put them into a container.

Have an amazing Saturday!