A Twist on a Blue & White Table

August 14, 2012

20120814-053854.jpg Setting a table can really start with just one small idea, and then it blossoms from there. A bird house was the element that started this table rolling. I was a bit under the weather this week-end, so TPS made a solo run to the Vashon Saturday Farmers Market, where he found amazing produce as well as a dandy little bird house made by an island artisan. The minute he brought it in and set it down, I knew it would be the starting point to the table.

20120814-054506.jpg Then I start layering and adding. The little nest that sits on our bookshelf propped up by a vintage white piece of pottery would continue the bird theme.

20120814-054647.jpg I also love the color combination of blue and brown together. There is an earthiness and a freshness to the combination that I really like. More of that combo would get added to the mix.



20120814-054943.jpg Simple creamy white English plates and bowls would do the trick, as would Summery white lilies staggered in clear drinking glasses. I generally like to add at least one vintage item to a table, just because. The English shaving mirror that was a gift would be it. Having things on the table that guests can ask about and enjoy visually makes the table part of the conversation.

20120814-055759.jpg With the table set and the wine poured, it was time to relax and enjoy our company. Our stylish friend Rise’ looking swell in her lovely Hermes scarf and Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses at the ready.

20120814-060027.jpg It was an afternoon of laughter, good food, watching the boats sail by, and enjoying all the goodness of Summer.