The Unforgettable Julia Child

August 16, 2012

20120816-055700.jpg It was my intention to mention, say that fast 5 times in a row, the 100th birthday of Julia Child yesterday at the end of my blog post. Julia, please forgive me for being tardy by a day. Turns out it is best that I do it today, as I was able to fully read the wonderful piece in the ‘Dining’ section of The New York Times. The piece written by Jacques Pépin was so heartfelt and full of insight and stories that I had tears running down my face by the end of it. What an incredibly sweet friendship. If you have not read it, here it is. I think you will love it. Enjoy.

Here is one of my favorite parts, as I think cooking with and for friends is one of the more special gifts we can give or receive. “Gloria helped Paul with the oysters he was opening and arranging on a plate as Julia announced: ‘I have a rack of pork. What do you want to do with it?’ I cut the rack into chops, which we sautéed and served with skillet potatoes and string beans with butter and rosemary. A green salad and a perfectly ripened Brie followed, and we finished with Julia’s compote of fruit served with ice cream. I do remember a delightful Chambertin from the late 1950s that Paul brought up from his cellar, which contained wonderful Burgundies. It was a simple, perfect meal to share with friends, my type and her type of cooking, which Julia always referred to as cuisine soignée, meaning a simple meal made with great care and the best possible ingredients.”

Cheers to simple meals made with great care and the best possible ingredients! Thank you Julia, for all that you gave us and shared with us. A happy belated birthday–we miss you.