The Finish Line

August 22, 2012

4 days, 80+ orders–in some ways, I think of walking this show sort of like a marathon. A retail buying marathon. Well let’s put it this way, it is as close to doing a marathon as I will ever get. Insert very big smile. I found so many good things. Ran into so many people I have known for years. I am completely exhausted, but it is a hugely satisfying exhaustion. I am one lucky fellow. Here is a look at a few treasures from yesterday.






The last night treat was dinner outside with Mister Sive and Bailey at Peels. A perfect ending to the trip. That, and a Hendrick’s martini served in a coupe glass.

Thanks for joining me on this trip. It is so much fun knowing you are coming along for the adventure. I think we travel quite well together.