The High Line

August 23, 2012

I was able to squeeze a quick walk of the High Line after I finished my buying on Tuesday at Pier 94. What a glorious, glorious use of space they have created. Much has been written about the beauty and coolness, but it was just one of those things that I have never fit into our busy trips to the city. Ted & Bailey were in Montclair visiting his parents for the day, so it would be my chance to experience it firsthand. They don’t allow pooches, so walking it would have to be a solo adventure. What I was most struck by is the view to so many stunning buildings as well as how lush all the plantings are. These are the images I clicked that marry the two. The large building on the left in the first photo, is the London Terrace where we stayed on this visit. It takes up an entire city block–such an awesome sight viewing it from the High Line.




They have a great website so check it out for more information on this incredible park.