My Favorite Things Today

September 12, 2012

20120912-060654.jpg We will be adding close to a 100 items to the Watson Kennedy website in the coming weeks. It was so fun to walk around the shop the other day with Nicole and see all the new things that have arrived in the past few weeks and plot out what would get added to the site. Here is a small sampling of what was chosen. The above watch faces are just too cool all massed together in a tarnished silver bowl.

20120912-061023.jpg These whistles from England were perfect–I could not pass them up.

20120912-061148.jpg I can’t get enough of anything Meyer lemon.

20120912-061339.jpg This new violet scented bubble bath and liquid hand soap from Italy is sure to please.

20120912-061453.jpg A natural sea sponge would work oh so nicely with that new bubble bath.

20120912-061609.jpg And we can never have enough nests.

20120912-061712.jpg Our shaving section is expanding by the day. This classic Italian brand has a cult following.

20120912-061827.jpg I just love the texture of this flask. Not vintage, but it has that look of something from long ago.

20120912-062043.jpg What a sweet book. Our pooch & kitty section grows and grows.

20120912-062205.jpg We are crazy for anything basil.

20120912-062239.jpg I pretty much adore everything about this cookbook, cover and all.