From Wine to Dessert

September 20, 2012

20120920-072450.jpg It has been a long work day, you have friends over for dinner, you cook most of the meal, and the energy tank is empty for making a dessert. This is when we turn to this trio for a little assistance. A bottle of each of these Fran’s delectables sitting in the fridge at the ready is always a good thing. Add a really good vanilla ice cream and dessert is fini.

20120920-072946.jpg For those of you unfamiliar with Fran’s, please let me introduce you. Fran Bigelow and her company are a Seattle institution. Her chocolates are known in all parts of the world. Fans include President Obama–where a guest is presented with a box of Fran’s smoked salt caramels in milk chocolate when they meet him in the Oval Office.

20120920-074101.jpg The above threesome has been our stand-by dessert for ages. Heat the chocolate and the caramel for a bit and drizzle over ice cream. The raspberry sauce adds a nice tart but still oh so sweet addition.

A happy, dessert filled Thursday to all of you.