Panevino No. 6 Grissini

20120923-092124.jpg Our first shipment of Panevino Grissini (breadsticks) arrived the other day and it was quite hard not to break into one of each of these containers. OK, I did break into one. I was dying to try the Fiscalini Cheddar. They did not disappoint. At all. Actually, it was tough not eating the entire container. A little back story. When we were having our dinner a few Fridays ago with the owners of Grove 45 EVOO, they mentioned these amazing breadsticks that were such a hit down in Napa. We had not heard to them, so Bonnie & Nena, thank you so much for the introduction. David and Mimi Katz own a successful catering company in St. Helena. From what I gather, and I completely understand why, the breadsticks have always been a big hit, so they started packaging them and selling them to shops such as Watson Kennedy. The idea is that they work quite splendidly paired with wine. I can attest that they also work beautifully solo, or with a glass of Perrier. I am crazy about the packaging, as these will become just the perfect host/hostess gifts this Autumn and into the Holidays.

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  1. Mr. W, your true confession made me smile. Such restraint you have. I would have been in the back room with the cheddar flavor all mine!

  2. Hi Mary. It was ver hard not to eat the entire container:)). Ted

  3. Hi Ted, Glad you love the breadsticks. They are the local drug here in St. Helena!



  4. Hi Bonnie–they are sooooo good! Thanks again for the introduction, Ted

  5. Thank you for the kind words! We’re so glad you found us. Best, David Katz

  6. So glad you enjoyed them. May the addiction spread 🙂

  7. Hi David. Me too! We are loving having them to offer at Watson Kennedy. Best, Ted

  8. Hi Rachael. Hard not to eat the entire package in one sitting:) Soooooo good. Many thanks, Ted

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