Our Mariage Frères Shipment Has Arrived!

September 27, 2012

20120927-072926.jpg Our Fall/Holiday Mariage Frères shipment of 1100+ tins and boxes of muslin tea bags arrived yesterday from Paris. We were knee deep in shipping boxes, and the shop smelled heavenly. Pam priced every one of those boxes while I restocked and finessed the display. It was a fun day filled with tea.

20120927-073922.jpg These make just the perfect gift. House Beautiful asked me a few Holidays ago, what was my favorite go-to gift. Without a second of hesitation, I said it was a tin of the tea.

20120927-074116.jpg We carry 12 varieties, in both the iconic tin, as well as the boxes that are filled with 30 muslin tea bags.

20120927-074316.jpg As well as sugar cubes, strainers, a variety of honey, and vintage tea cups. We ship daily around the globe, so keep these in mind for when you need a quick, easy & elegant gift.

Happy Thursday all!