A Dozen White Dahlias

September 28, 2012

20120928-080213.jpg I am always looking for ways to stretch the visual impact of flowers. There was the sweetest bunch of a dozen white dahlias at the Market last week-end, and I really wanted to use them on the dining table for our Sunday supper with guests.

20120928-080508.jpg By cutting the stems really short, and resting the head of the dahlia on the lip of the glass, it created a sort of floating effect.

20120928-080822.jpg By marching the glasses in a random scattering down the table, the setting seems filled with blooms.

20120928-080954.jpg The clear votive candles would be placed randomly around the flowers to fill in a bit, and create a glow and flicker.

20120928-081121.jpg All set. The simple bunch of white dahlias doing the trick as single stems in clear water glasses.

20120928-081331.jpg The glow against the zinc top table of the votives and the scattering of the flowers made for a magical night once the sun set and everything was cleared from the table.