Keep Us In Mind…

September 29, 2012

20120929-075758.jpg We are always here to assist you when it comes to your gift giving needs. Whether it be a wedding (we are currently helping with spiffy guest gifts for nuptials in Palm Beach), a party, a dinner, or upcoming Holidays gifts–we can put together all sorts of fun options.

20120929-080358.jpg It is hard to believe October is almost upon us, which means the Holidays are not far behind.

20120929-080518.jpg We have already started working with customers for their corporate & office gifts. It is such a treat to walk around the shop choosing composed gifts. Each one can be different, or we can recreate multiples of the same gift assortment.

20120929-080819.jpg If one can not make it to the shops, then a perusal of the website makes a great second option for putting together a grouping of delightful gifts. We can have Kelli, our shop calligrapher, do her magic on a card, and all will be wrapped in signature Watson Kennedy tissue. We are also happy to take care of all the shipping of the parcels. As I said above, keep us in mind, we are here to help you shine in the gift giving department.