Dahlia Love

October 1, 2012

20121001-095753.jpg I am crazy for dahlias and could just not wait to share these with you. They are huge. The color variation amazing. I am not sure if they fall into the dinner plate variety, but one in a single stem vase makes quite a statement. The Market is still abundant with the blooms, so I am taking every chance I can to have them in the shops and at home.

20121001-100302.jpg They were placed around the 86 Pine shop in vintage bottles. Customers commented on them much of the day, asking if they were real. Indeed they are.

20121001-100518.jpg A bunch travelled over on the ferry and I used them on the dining table just like I did the white variety last week-end (cut super short with the head resting on the lip of a clear drinking glass), with guests yesterday at our Sunday supper.

20121001-100705.jpg The dozen took up almost the entire length of the table. The colors just speaking of Autumn.

20121001-100847.jpg We thought we were done with outdoor dining, but this incredible weather just won’t stop. The dahlias just adding to the cheeriness & delight of being able to have our meal outside.