New John Derian at Watson Kennedy

October 8, 2012

20121008-052628.jpg It is always such a huge treat when a new order of John Derian’s work arrives. When I see all of it at the show in New York, I generally try and choose pieces that work together to tell a bit of a visual story. Other times I am just drawn to certain color ways. Many to most of the trays & paperweights in this order were in the black, creamy and sepia tones–and I could not be happier. They work beautifully as a group or individually. Here is a peek at some of my favorites.


20121008-053445.jpg This one might end up in our personal collection. I just adore it. But then, I really love them all.

20121008-053702.jpg These are the coolest little pocket mirrors. One found a home in my Filson bag the minute the order was unpacked.




20121008-054035.jpg Perfection in a paperweight.


20121008-054308.jpg There you have it. A little visual inspiration to kick-off this Monday. I hope you enjoyed. John’s new East Village home was featured in The New York Times T magazine yesterday. More inspiration as we head into the week.