Vintage Ephemera Necklaces

October 13, 2012

20121013-055509.jpg I just finished composing a new round of vintage ephemera necklaces. These are pieces we have carried over the years at Watson Kennedy, made up of things we find on our travels. I try and vary the necklace that holds the vintage pieces, but I keep coming back to this version of the hand, because I like it so much.

20121013-060142.jpg The ring works perfectly for holding a collection of things. I keep a box in my office which holds ephemera I find on trips that I think will work for these necklaces. When the creative composing mood strikes, I bring out the box and get to work.

20121013-060505.jpg Each necklace always has a vintage key. Always. I have been making these necklaces for quite some time, and I just think a vintage key holds years of stories from the travels it has taken, so I always include at least one. Or many.

20121013-060840.jpg From there, I just start adding things I think work well together. Each piece telling a little visual story. Over the years I have found amazing whistles in England. These are always a hit on the necklaces.

20121013-061231.jpg I always find cool medals & religious medallions when we are in France. They add such great patina and history to the pieces.

20121013-061453.jpg Actually that is why I like making them. They really do have a history, filled with the beauty of the past, made into something beautiful for the present.