Barbara Barry: Around Beauty

October 16, 2012

20121016-044339.jpg I am so excited to report that a big stack of “Barbara Barry: Around Beauty” books arrived yesterday at Watson Kennedy. The highly anticipated first book by Barbara Barry was so very worth the wait–I ordered big stacks for the shops as I know so many of our customers were elated once they found out Barbara was creating a book. This is no ordinary design book. Stunningly photographed, she takes the reader along her journey of design, but what I find most special, the journey of her life. Quality & beauty surround her, as it does all of us. Being aware that it is there, and seeing it in all the small details is the key. This book is a lesson in doing just that. I feel so honored that Barbara is writing the foreword to my book. The first time we met, there was an instant connection to both of our love of beauty. Her new book is a lesson in living a gracious, well-ordered, thoughtful life where beauty is a key element.

Congratulations Barbara!