October Dahlias

October 21, 2012

20121021-101613.jpg The dahlias are hanging on for one last push of beautifulness–a reminder of a stellar Summer and a glorious Autumn. Just a handful of flower stalls in the Market had a bucket or two of the blooms, but it still made me so happy to be able to buy a dozen.

20121021-101952.jpg The color just so perfect for the time of year. I put them into an orange colored display so everyone could enjoy them for the day. They would be part of a gift for a dinner party we attended last eve. More on that tomorrow.

20121021-102141.jpg My sister-in-law, Helen, sent me a photo yesterday of a lovely dahlia in her yard in Montclair, New Jersey. Fun to see these hearty colorful flowers still spreading joy in other parts of the country too.

A restful, restorative Sunday to you all.