A Host/Hostess Gift Idea

October 22, 2012

20121022-072807.jpg The dinner party we attended the other evening was in honor of Mister Sive’s 50th birthday. Friends have feted him with a host of activities since his big day in May. It has been a fun way to stretch out the milestone birthday. For this gathering, I knew the hostess was a lover of oranges & reds, so once I saw those still glorious dahlias I thought they could become part of the gift. A French towel is always a fun holder, and I tried to match up the color with the flowers. My thought with dish towels is that they are pretty and usable–my favorite combo. Utilitarian with style. Instead of wine, I like to include a good bottle of extra virgin olive oil. For the same price as a bottle of nice wine, the oil will be enjoyed while cooking and be long remembered. A bottle of liquid hand or dish soap is also a fun addition wrapped up in the towel. A color complimentary ribbon to tie it all together, and we were all set.