A Birthday Tradition

October 27, 2012

20121027-073648.jpg Friendships are really one of the greatest pleasures of life. I remember my grandmother saying that if you could count your true friends on both hands that you were lucky and fortunate indeed. Sage words of wisdom for sure. If that good fortune extends to your toes, even better. Tradition feeds into a rich friendship. Yesterday morning was one of those traditions with a group of 3 friends that I hold near & dear, that are counted among my very closest. We meet at the same spot for each of our birthdays for breakfast, always. 4 times a year, like clockwork. Most times even the same table. We started doing this many years back, and it has become such a highlight to our birthday. We laugh, we tell stories, we catch up, we eat, we open presents, we drink bubbly, we laugh some more. So good for the soul. Catherine, Rise’ and Linda–sending much love & gratitude for our lovely tradition.

I would love to hear about any traditions you might have with those you hold near and dear.