Tulips & Dahlias, Oh My

October 28, 2012

20121028-084834.jpg I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw a huge display of tulips for sale at the grocery store the other day. It is not even the end of October and they have arrived. Bless the hothouse growers. It used to be a huge deal to see my beloved tulips in early January, but to be able to mix them on a table with dahlias had me giddy. Call me a flower nerd. These things excite me to no end.

20121028-085359.jpg We had guests for dinner on Friday evening, so it gave me a chance to mix the 2 flowers, ever so simply, into a table setting. White was the only color of dahlia I found in the Market, but you know that always works for me. The white tulips working perfectly in vintage bottles. They tied in nicely with the white pumpkins too.

20121028-085806.jpg An assortment of trays and other vintage finds would fill up the middle of the table for a little visual interest.

20121028-090020.jpg All set with a combo of two different flowers–ready for guests to arrive.