Inspiration in Red

November 5, 2012

20121105-073315.jpg Inspiration is all around us. It is just up to each of us to have keep our eyes open, as well as our hearts, and even ordinary things & moments can bring inspiration. For me, the color red always inspires. I also think the cooler months make me even fonder of the color. The red flannel sheets above, as well as the ticking stripe and gingham, always bring me a bit of joy when I first wake to them.

20121105-073924.jpg I wrote about our jam jar collection over a year ago, and we were still in need of a final row. Looks like we eat quite a bit of jam. This collection so handy for little odds and ends in the cooking department.


20121105-074308.jpg Tomatoes always delight and inspire.




20121105-074628.jpg As does red packaging, even with a hint of red.


20121105-074827.jpg And the many shades of red that nature hands us.


20121105-075005.jpg In both food and flowers.



20121105-075337.jpg In a bowl, a plate, or a platter.

20121105-075451.jpg Or in a blanket. I could not resist, this is one of my all-time favorite photos of Bailey.

Many varying shades of red–full on inspiration.