A Classic: Kenneth Turner Original

November 12, 2012

20121112-075014.jpg Kenneth Turner, flower superstar of London, began creating a line of superb candles over 20 years ago. A few years after the release, we started representing the company through my wholesale showroom at the time, The Watson Kennedy Collection. The candles were a hit then, and they continue to be to this day. His iconic trademark scent, Original, is unmistakable the minute it hits your nose. Filled with poplar, honeysuckle, lemon and orange oils, it is really the cloves & cinnamon that leave the lasting impression. Over the years he has added things like hand lotion, liquid hand soap and a diffuser, among other things. As well as many other scents. But it will always be the ‘Original’ candle that is the stand-out in the crowd. A true classic.