A Single Lily Stem

November 13, 2012

20121113-062058.jpg When in doubt and you need a bloom to add a little punch to a room, a single lily stem is always a good bet. It is a flower with quite a bit of bang for the buck, and the scent is exquisite. One single stem usually produces anywhere from 2 to 5 flowers, so these really are ideal for single stem vases. We were out at WestWard for just a quick 2 night stay. It will be our last until after Christmas, as it is just too tough to be away from the shops at this busy time of year. But we were doing one last bit of entertaining, so I really wanted one star flower to set the stage. A white lily would fit the bill. The heady scent filling the house, and the 2 large blooms on a solo stem looking just beautiful on the ottoman for all to enjoy.