And Watch the Growing Begin

December 4, 2012

20121204-063457.jpg The platter of paperwhite narcissus bulbs from last week have all found their way to containers. These bulbs really are such hearty things. They will grow in just about anything, and the growing process is really such a cool thing to witness. This year I decided to use champagne corks as the filler around the bulbs. Champagne holds a very special place in my heart, as well as our home, so at this festive time of year it seemed fitting. Truly, many objects will do–oysters shells, rocks, marbles. I also try and place the bulbs in glass containers that have fairly high sides, as this helps keep the leggy stems from toppling over when they start to get quite tall. One of my favorite parts is watching the roots take off, and start to swirl and intertwine around the base of the container. Keep the water level just to the base of the bulb, and the paperwhites will just grow & grow, the intoxicating scent filling the air once the bulbs have flowered.