The Beauty of Horn

December 10, 2012

20121210-071025.jpg Horn is such a beautiful natural material. Seems I can’t get enough of it in a variety of forms as I clicked away at the shops this past week. It just has such an Old World vibe to it. Horn combs, bowls, jewelry, cups, dishes, lamps–we have it many, many ways.

20121210-071708.jpg According to archeologists, horn was among the first materials utilized to make utensils by man. It was readily available and easily worked, and has remained in use for both decorative and practical applications to this day.

20121210-072651.jpg Horn can be heated to the point where it becomes very pliable. The word ‘plastic’ first appeared in the Middle Ages as a description of the heated state of horn. Sometimes horn pieces can take on the look of something plastic because of the finish (as some pieces get a wax or polyurethane coating) but it is not, it is formed & finished horn.

20121210-073245.jpg The color variation can be quite exquisite.

20121210-073359.jpg Current day horn is a by-product of cows, oxen, sheep and goat who have died. I like to think of the material as a tribute to the animal–a homage to nature and the cycle of life.

20121210-074357.jpg This stacked horn lamp arrived the other day at the Home store from an order I placed at the show in New York. This makes me weak in the knees it is so good.

So many different forms, all so gloriously beautiful.

A happy start of the week to everyone!