Crazy for Kale

December 16, 2012

20121216-104333.jpg My Saturday morning stroll through the Pike Place Market was a bit abbreviated yesterday, as the task list of things to do with shop related things was a little bit longer than most, given the busy shopping season. I did squeeze in a mini walk around. If you are in the area, the Holidays are a great time to peruse and be put in a jolly mood. You can just feel the festiveness in the air. I spotted a beautiful assortment of kale. We have really gotten into kale salads in the past few years. The trick I learned from a chef in NYC was to use maple syrup in the vinaigrette as it helps cut the bitterness of the kale. We now have it often during the cold months. It is so filling and you just feel healthy eating it. The below garlic looked amazing too. I love roasting whole heads to bring out the sweetness, then spreading the soft, oozy garlic onto warm toast points for an appetizer. It is just fun walking around without an agenda, getting inspiration at every turn.