My Favorite Things Today

December 20, 2012

20121220-043031.jpg I mentioned at the beginning of November that I look at the Holiday shopping season a bit like running a marathon. If you are a retailer/shopkeeper like I am, it is all about preparation, focus, being well rested, and knowing how to pace yourself. All things I image are similar to running a marathon. The finish line is near, and it has been one heck of a race. Myself and the amazing Watson Kennedy family, are exhilarated & exhausted all at the same time. Again, feelings I am sure are felt as you approach the 22 mile mark. The countless boxes that have been wrapped, the mountain of boxes of goods that have been unpacked, the boxes we have shipped around the globe–all add up to a very exciting and incredibly enjoyable run. Here is what caught my eye at the end of the day yesterday as I was blowing out candles and straightening up from a non-stop day. A fab stack of Barbara Barry’s new book, Around Beauty. Barbara was so kind and sent me signed bookplates, so all of our copies are signed, making them extra special. The chair theme adding to the beauty of the books.

20121220-044704.jpg A flashcard set made up of the 2013 calendar. I adore these!

20121220-044848.jpg I laughed so hard when I found these, as the Mr. Peanut commercials were big when I was growing up. Perfect filled up and set next to a fresh cocktail.

20121220-045129.jpg Our pet table is brimming with cool dog books. Is that not the sweetest face? Dogs can have the most knowing eyes.

20121220-045333.jpg A very yummy scented votive.

20121220-045425.jpg And a lovely poured candle by Molton Brown from London. I like how the container glows when this is lit.

20121220-045637.jpg This bowl of natural sea sponges just makes me happy when I walk by it. The variation and natural colors so appealing.

20121220-045855.jpg I love having a reminder of our New Orleans trips around. This has been a customer favorite since we first opened the Home store.

20121220-050105.jpg We find vintage rulers on our buying trips, but I was thrilled to find these new ones.

20121220-050316.jpg These old fashioned ginger drops remind me of the bowl of hard candy my Grandmother always had set out when we came to visit. That and the lingering scent of Chanel No. 5.

20121220-050755.jpg These vintage metal encased soda bottles are so sculptural. They are set about in different spots. Just a beautiful object next to a loved horn cup.

That was only half of what caught my eye. More tomorrow…