A Classic: L.L. Bean Boots

December 22, 2012

20121222-055536.jpg L.L. Bean boots are about as classic and iconic as they come. Handcrafted in Maine since 1912–celebrating 100 years as a preppy classic. They now come in a host of variations and colors, all designed to keep your feet dry and warm.

20121222-060306.jpg Zip-up, lace-up or slip-on, they all are so incredibly comfortable. Perfect in the snow, they also come lined to keep your feet extra toasty. I made my first homage to Freeport the Summer I taught tennis in Boston before my freshman year in college. If you are ever in that area of Maine, you must stop in. Open 24 hours hours a day, 365 days of the year, the L.L. Bean flagship store is also a classic. You will be blown away.

20121222-061020.jpg The slip-ons have become a new favorite for me. I walk Bailey each morning, so I have a pair at the ready by the side of the bed. Perfect when the Seattle rain has descended. They also are great as slippers in a pinch–think Brooks Brothers pajamas with a martini in hand after a long day.

Happy Saturday everyone! Have fun shopping if that is an activity on your list.