Make a Classic Your Own

December 23, 2012

20121223-101848.jpg Putting a twist on a classic is a fun way to put your personal stamp on a gift or a recipe. My grandmother and my mom both made Chex mix during the Holidays when I was growing up. I then went quite a span without it in my adult years until our friend Peg made it and had a bowl out before our traditional Christmas Day dinner we share with her and her husband Brian, along with a few other couples. I was like a kid again–it was somewhat comical how much of it I ate. Since then, she makes a big batch for me on my birthday each year, as well as serves it with Champagne before Christmas dinner. I love the stuff! I love the high/low of it, having a small bowl of it with a glass of Veuve. This season, I asked her if she would whip up a batch of her extra special mix, using only my favorite things–rice Chex cereal, macadamia nuts & cashews, along with her secret spices. A ‘TKW’ blend if you will, and I could hand it out as little gifts. She was so kind and within days, I was packaging up cello bags of the special blend. A twist on a classic, filled with only my favorites.

20121223-103547.jpg It got me thinking about twists on classics. I would love to hear about any variations any of you make on classic recipes served this time of year. A restful Sunday to you all.