The Beauty of Paperwhite Narcissus

December 24, 2012

20121224-063427.jpg The bulbs that began as wee little things less than a month ago have grown into spectacular beauties. The fragrance filling our kitchen–really the perfect thing to wake up to during this busy time.

20121224-063758.jpg Here they were at the beginning of December. Just waiting to grow.

20121224-063908.jpg This year I decided to use champagne corks as a base and filler. They really will grow in just about anything. Other years I have used oyster shells, cool stones, and vintage marbles. Really one of my favorite parts of the growing process is watching the roots take hold and grow around the filler. I think they look so fabulous wrapped around the champagne corks. Poetic really.

20121224-064254.jpg And then the sweet white blooms just explode, releasing the unmistakable paperwhite scent.