The Beauty of Black High Gloss Paint

January 3, 2013

20130103-070658.jpg Interesting how as you get older/wiser your priorities on gifts change. One of our Christmas gifts to one another was a “refresh & new paint job” of our bathroom in town. Now this certainly is not a spiffy new pair of shoes or some other ‘can’t wait to have cooking gadget’ but it something we both thought we would derive a tremendous amount of pleasure from. So while we enjoyed our week out on the island, our city bathroom was getting bit of a re-do.

20130103-071549.jpg We had wanted to have the bathroom painted with a high gloss black paint for quite some time. I thought it would add real interest to the room. We could not have been happier when we arrived back in town the other day to see the end result. The black just made the room so cozy and cocoon-like. The black playing off of the original black band of tile swimmingly. We were so excited to start hanging artwork and put the room back together.

20130103-072019.jpg The tile is original from when The Gainsborough was built in 1929. We adore the tile work, so we just wanted to play off of that, and have all the tile super cleaned, have the grout redone, and just make the original tile sing.

20130103-072433.jpg The work on the original floor tile just brought them back to life. The hand-painted shower curtain by local artisan Janell pulls out all the green from the floor. The pattern in the Yves Delorme towels playing off the pattern of the shower curtain. The green and white adding light to the dark black.

20130103-072833.jpg These 2 pieces are by Hugo Guinness, which were a gift from the artist, become a sort of window in the room. The creamy white background again adding a bit of light against the black wall. The flowers in the piece just make me happy being in the room.

20130103-073201.jpg We just filled the walls with some of our favorite pieces. I think artwork really belongs in every room of a home. The high gloss black working nicely as a background for the various pieces of art to be enjoyed each and every day. No wrapping needed.