The Beauty of White Tulips

January 4, 2013

20130104-060955.jpg With tulips arriving earlier and earlier each year, they are the perfect bloom to set about. Even the grocery is getting into the action with an early start, and buckets of tulips have been out for some time. White tulips always seem to have a majestic vibe to them, and I think they look great solo.

20130104-061313.jpg I have written a bunch in the past about single stem vases, but I have been asked often by readers and customers what to use for containers. Really anything that holds water will do.


20130104-061831.jpg My favorites are clear, vintage apothecary bottles with some sort of writing on them. I really like seeing the stem in the water, and my love of fonts is fed with the writing on the bottles.

20130104-062045.jpg Using single stem containers really allows the beauty of the flower to shine. They are also a great way to stretch a buck and get quite a bit of impact with only a few stems or a bunch or two.


20130104-062355.jpg I even like putting flowers cut super short into jars & bottles, like this vintage apothecary jar. It treats the vessel sort of like a terrarium. That painting of Bailey was a Christmas gift–we flipped when we saw it. More on that later. The white tulips spread about for visual enjoyment for the week.

Happy Friday!