The Sweetness of Meyer Lemons

January 26, 2013

20130126-075212.jpg I have written about the goodness of Meyer Lemons before, but seeing them again at the Market and the grocery store in plentiful displays is prompting me to give them another shout-out. They are so good! They have such a sweetness to them, the Meyer lemon is the perfect thing to cook a myriad of things with. Last night I baked/poached a piece of cod in a shallow bath of white wine, extra virgin olive oil, Meyer lemon juice, salt & pepper. The flavor of the lemon being the prevailing ever so slight, but ever so tasty note to the fish. I also sliced a Meyer lemon and put the slices on top of the fish, to really infuse from both the top and the bottom. If you serve the cod with rice, you can spoon over some of the liquid as a bit of sauce. Super easy, super satisfying and lemony.

As I am typing the above I know I will be asked this today by readers who come into the shops. If it was Friday, why were we not having pizza and martinis? During the Winter months we switch it up a bit and head to our place on Vashon Island many Sunday mornings, as arriving in the cold, rain and dark on Saturday eve is not the most comforting of things after a long work week. So every once in awhile, we do the martini/pizza night on Saturday. We do love tradition here in the Watson Sive household…

A lovely, lovely Saturday to all of you!