The New Batch of Grove 45 Has Arrived!

February 16, 2013

20130216-072622.jpg I am quite excited to report that our 8 cases of stupendous Grove 45 Extra Virgin Olive Oil arrived the other day. When the FedEx delivery man walked in the door with the boxes and I saw ‘Grove 45’ marked on the side, my heart took an extra beat. This stuff, as I have reported before, is just pure bliss. We sold out of it by mid-November last year, and when it is gone, it is gone. So we have been eagerly awaiting fresh bottles from the new crop. I have been getting updates by the owners, Bonnie & Nena, via e-mail about the progress of the olive crop and when the EVOO would be bottled and labeled. Yes, that glorious bottle–as good looking as the amazing oil that is inside. Our shelves are now re-stocked, and I just love walking past the display knowing I will have some very happy customers.