H.D. Buttercup

March 4, 2013

20130304-070046.jpg The kick-off party for the Design Bloggers Conference I am attending was at the amazingly cool H.D. Buttercup in Los Angeles. If you have never been, be sure to put it on your list when you visit.

20130304-070339.jpg It is located in the 150,000 square foot historic Helms Bakery building. Seeing the structure is worth the trip alone.

20130304-070535.jpg Design detail after design detail fills the over the top space. I was a little light headed from the beauty.

20130304-070656.jpg And then you start taking in the product. Oh my stars, just think of the amount of goods it takes to fill up 150,000 feet and you get some idea of the dizzying visual. All so good.

20130304-070935.jpg The space is set-up with vendor after vendor creating breathtaking displays & vignettes. It was a perfect way to get the design conference started!