A Stay at the Chateau Marmont

March 6, 2013

20130306-072025.jpg We are finishing up our stay at the Chateau Marmont today, then heading onto Santa Barbara for a few days of relaxation & inspiration. We had wanted to stay here since we dined at the restaurant years back. The hotel really is a classic.

20130306-072623.jpg Our room looking up into the hills and the courtyard was charming. The windows opened fully, so we had lovely breezes with fresh air and the sound of happy birds wafting about.

20130306-072916.jpg Things are just slightly mysterious and slightly quirky. It makes for an interesting stay–the storied halls oozing personality.

20130306-073203.jpg TPS swam each day under the watchful eye of Bailey. They are an incredibly pooch friendly establishment. Everyone has been so wonderfully sweet to Bailey. Sitting in the lobby in the evening before dinner for cocktails is other worldly. Many of the guests with their dogs with them, in the dimly lit intimate lobby with a Gertrude Stein Paris parlor vibe to it. All quite entertaining.

20130306-074345.jpg The pool surrounded by lemon trees and luscious plants cocoons you in the space. You feel transported to another time.

20130306-074617.jpg Actually, I think that is exactly it. You feel like you are in a different time. A slower time. Even the paper waiting on the desk for me when we arrived speaks of great attention to detail with things done a tad differently. The Chateau Marmont way.