Simple & Crisp

March 14, 2013

20130314-063101.jpg Finding new things for Watson Kennedy happens sometimes when I least expect it. A few weeks ago I was sitting with dearest friends celebrating one of their birthdays. Among the assortment of gifts given were these delightful dried citrus fruit crisps. We were all smitten. After a quick Google search, turns out these delightful edibles are made right here in Seattle. A quick e-mail later, and within days the delightful owner was dropping off boxes at the shop. These things are amazing.

20130314-063644.jpg Perfect eaten straight out of the container, they are equally divine added to a glass of champagne. That is what occurred at the birthday breakfast. A few suggestions on the top of the box to pair them with were: tea, cheese, ice cream, coffee, chocolate and wine.

20130314-064310.jpg The orange and blood orange a yummy hit of citrus in whatever form you choose to pair them with. The clever packaging making for a ‘just right’ hostess gift too.