March 18, 2013

20130318-055057.jpg I had mentioned in a post last week that I had started reading the book ‘Grace’ when we away. The fab orange cover drew me in from the start. Her memoir is quite intriguing and entertaining–delightful, really. I had read snippets over the years about Grace Coddington at Vogue, but it was not until I saw the 2009 documentary ‘The September Issue’ that I witnessed the creativity that she brought to the table. Her witty voice comes through onto the pages of her recounting story after story of her colorful life. The book is also dotted with her pen-and-ink illustrations, which are whimsical and a sweet addition to the pages. The fantasy “travelogues” as they are described, which are her trademark, have been the spreads over the years in Vogue that I have always found most fascinating. It is interesting to get into the mind and read about the life of the person who creates such magical imagery. A perfect book to read snippets at a time, which makes taking it on a trip, spot on. Also a great Sunday afternoon by the fire book.