A Fresh Window

April 6, 2013

20130406-082254.jpg It was time. Actually, it might have gone a bit past time, but I so loved the window with the vintage black & white photos pinned to the wall, that it was a bit tough taking it down. It made me smile each time I walked past it. But yes, it was time.


20130406-082429.jpg It was a bit comical being up in the window as the stream of folks passed by on the sidewalk as I was pulling out hundreds of numbered push-pins that were holding the photos in place. Ahhh, what we do for beauty.


20130406-082552.jpg For this new window, I wanted to use the sheets from a really old dictionary we found in Asheville last year. Many of the pages were falling out, so it seemed like a good way to put them to use. Create a sort of ‘wallpaper’ with the pages.

20130406-082709.jpg This window I wanted to be a nod to nature, with subtle usage of greens and browns. An early Spring thought.

20130406-082836.jpg Tons of terra cotta pots would become the base of the window. Adding the vintage pages to them, a sort of grass field was created. Windows should have a bit of fantasy to them. A bit of whimsy. When else do you get to see a hundred garden pots filled with vintage paper? Display windows can do just that. With a little singing bird pulling it all together.