Fab Ferns

April 8, 2013

20130408-084319.jpg I love this time of year when all the ferns are beginning to take off, are growing like weeds, and have just the prettiest shades of green. It is so interesting to see them in miniature form, just knowing they will become huge as the season progresses.

20130408-084652.jpg We have horsetail ferns all over our property on Vashon Island. I think these ferns look other-worldly. After a little reading up, I found out that they dominated the understory of late Paleozoic forests. I guess we are really just a visitor at their home. It is fun watching Bailey dodge around them like she is running an obstacle course.

20130408-085202.jpg There is just something about the beauty of a fern all bumbled up tight, waiting to unfurl.