When the World Hands You Melons

April 20, 2013

20130420-070751.jpg Set a creative table! In the coming weeks I want to highlight a few tables I put together over the last year using things that I picked up at the grocery store or found while out and about. Simple things that are readily available. Table setting questions are the most asked to me by customers at the shops, so I thought I would group a few posts around that this month.

20130420-071223.jpg For this table, I stumbled upon just the coolest looking melons at the grocery store. The minute I spotted them I knew they would look great added to the table with the green plates, white flowers, and assorted green glassybaby. This was a going away dinner for our beloved Olivia, so I was trying to recreate a bit of a French bistro vibe, so I ran a sheet of white Kraft paper down the middle of the table as a sort of tablecloth. Vintage green pottery was added to give height and add visual interest. But ultimately, it was those great melons that pulled the table together. Often times, one element or thing can do just that.