The Gift of Eggs & ‘Just Because’ Gifts

April 22, 2013

20130422-084020.jpg We received these amazing eggs the other day from our friend Sarah. Her chickens were busy and she knew we would enjoy them. Enjoy them we will! Giving of food is such a gracious act. I love giving and receiving edible things, as it fulfills one of our most basic needs. So often food is given in a time of sadness (when someone is ill or after a death) to help lift the spirit. My thought when we received the eggs is that it is so lovely just to receive the gift of food, just because. Next time we make brownies or cookies, I want to make extra and give them to a friend, just because. Or if we make a big batch of chicken stock, give some of the containers away to friends. A ‘just because’ gift. They really can be some of the very best gifts to give, or receive.