The Ship Has Arrived

April 26, 2013

20130426-055239.jpg Yesterday was spent unpacking the incredible shipment of vintage hotel silver that had just arrived. These are all the gems I have been waiting for these last few months to really make our hotel silver assortment sing. And sing it does! We had folks buying it as I was unpacking it and putting it onto the shelves. This has all been re-silvered, so it is meant to used, and is completely food safe. All from England, all quite extraordinary. Because of the popularity, many pieces will be sold before we have a chance to put it on our website, so if anything catches your eye, please shoot me an e-mail or give one of the shops a ring. Even if you don’t collect it, a look at all of it massed together is just a pretty sight. It is that utilitarian/beautiful mix I just love. Amazing to look at, but meant to be used and enjoyed each day.