The Bottom of Things

April 28, 2013

20130428-080257.jpg Actually, make that the backs and bottoms of things, but I thought that was a rather suggestive heading. My walk yesterday morning of the Market had me looking up, down, and all around. I had never looked at the backside of the iconic Public Market Center sign. Sure, the Space Needle might be what first comes to mind when folks from far away think of an image of Seattle. But I am so incredibly fond of the above sign. The Market will always be the heart of Seattle to me. The sign from behind looks strong, formidable–just as it should. After taking that shot, I started seeing the interest in the backs and bottoms of things on my stroll. The below produce looking so vibrant. The bottoms producing such visual interest. Beauty is really swirling all around us. We just have to keep our eyes open to see it. Something I remind myself often.