Luscious Lilacs

May 6, 2013

20130506-081719.jpg The lilacs were out in full bloom this week-end in the Market, with many of the flower vendors offering them as one of their flower options. Lilacs are such delicate flowers, I always feel they are in such sharp contrast to that of a hearty tulip. Each grower being sure to tell you of the care and giving instructions on what to do with them when you get home. Hammering the bottom of the stem is the biggest tip I am always given, and sure enough, it always does the trick. Hammer those woody stems and it allows those delicate blooms to prosper. I have always loved white flowers, so was excited to see a few stalls offering them. They paired well with really tall white French tulips as the tulips seemed to be doing a happy dance around the soft & lacy lilacs–the sweet scent of the blossoms filling the air.